Devcon Stainless Steel Putty (ST)

Devcon Stainless Steel Putty (ST)

Stainless steel filled epoxy putty for patching, repairing and rebuilding stainless steel and non ferrous equipment

  • Used for rust free patching and rebuilding
  • Bonds to ferrous and non ferrous metals

Devcon Stainless Steel Putty (ST) TDS

Epoxy Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Systems

Devcon epoxy systems make fast, durable repairs to almost all types of plant and machinery, bonding to most materials including metals, ceramics and concrete. Devcon epoxy systems are easily used, fast curing and have high strengths, giving a very cost effective way of improving performance and extending useful service life.

Devcon Wet Surface Repair Putty (UW) Devcon Plastic Steel 5 Min Putty (SF) Devcon Stainless Steel Putty (ST) Devcon Aluminium Putty (F) Devcon Plastic Steel Putty (A) Devcon Bronze Putty (BR) Devcon Titanium Putty Devcon Sprayable Ceramic Devcon Wear Resistant Putty (WR-2) Devcon Ceramic Repair Putty Devcon Brushable Ceramic

Epoxy Flooring Systems

Easily applied by plant maintenance teams, Devcon epoxy flooring systems provide high strength, fast setting chemically resistant repairs and solve slip or trip safety problems. Suitable for floors, walkways, ramps, platforms, loading docks etc.

Devcon Epoxy Coat 7000 Devcon Floor Grip Devcon Epoxy Sealer 100 Devcon Floor Patch

Flexible Urethane Maintenance and Repair Systems

Devcon Flexane repair products are all flexible, urethane resin based materials, available in a range of liquid and putty like products and systems. In liquid form they are castable, non-shrink compounds for producing new, custom or discontinued rubber parts and flexible moulds. In putty form they may be used to repair worn or damaged rubber equipment, to form protective coatings as linings in extremely abrasive environments or for repairs subject to wear, impact, vibration and movement.

Devcon Flexane products bond to metal, rubber, concrete, fibreglass, wood and many other materials. They are all easily applied by trowel, brush or gun and cure quickly to form a hard to medium hard ‘rubber-like’ compound with exceptional tear strength and abrasion resistance.

Devcon GFR 40 (Flame Retardant) Devcon Flexane 60/80/94 Devcon Flexane General Purpose Putty Devcon Flexane High Performance Brushable

Flexane Ancillary Materials

Devcon provide a range of ancillary materials and equipment to support the effi cient application, use and performance of the Flexane urethane repair systems.

Devcon Liquid Release Agent Devcon Flexane Primers

Emergency Repair Products

Devcon emergency repair products provide fast, permanent repairs in just minutes. Easy to use and apply, they are ideal for use on a wide variety of materials with the minimum of surface preparation, allowing a return to service with negligible downtime.

Devcon Zip Patch Repair Kit

Epoxy Tooling and Mould Production Resins

Devcon advanced epoxy tooling and mould production resins provide a fast and economic solution for manufacturing tools, patterns and moulds. They can all be machined, drilled and tapped, plus their excellent flow properties allow accurate and detailed reproduction when casting over existing components.

Devcon Aluminium Liquid (F-2) Devcon Plastic Steel Liquid (B) Devcon Wear Resistant Liquid (WR)

Epoxy Adhesive Systems

Devcon provide the most technically advanced epoxy adhesives in a wide range of different grades with different viscosities, pot lives, open times and cure times for virtually any industrial bonding application. These tough, fast curing systems also have excellent chemical resistance. Innovative packaging and dispensing systems are also supplied in a wide range of different designs and sizes to suit all types of applications.

Devcon 2 Ton Clear Epoxy Devcon 1 Minute Epoxy Gel Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy

Methacrylate Adhesive Systems

Devcon methacrylate adhesives are formulated for use with today’s ‘hard to bond’ engineered plastics, advanced composites, exotic metals and other difficult substrates. Mixed as dispensed, they produce tough, flexible adhesive bonds with little or no surface preparation. They cure rapidly at room temperature and provide exceptional physical strengths and environmental resistance. Fully recyclable and solvent free, they can also reduce VOC emissions in OEM and production line applications.

Devcon Devweld 530 Devcon Devweld 531

Adhesive Systems Accessories and Dispensers

Devcon adhesive system accessories are designed to compliment the product range and provide even more efficient or increased performance, such as improved surface conditioning with greater durability and faster cleaning and preparation of substrates or for use in adverse conditions. Devcon provide a range of application guns and static mixing nozzles for dispensing and mixing effi ciently in all different types of applications.

Devcon Silite Sealant Devcon Dispensing Guns Devcon Static Mixing Nozzles Devcon Liquid Release Agent

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