With the variety of advanced composites and materials available today, designers need to have total confidence in the adhesive solution they use. Devcon adhesive solutions are comprehensively used within different industry applications and can be found in many everyday items including computers, trains, aircrafts, refrigerators, signs and furniture, to name a few.

Devcon adhesives have a proven track record of reliability, which has made them a number one choice worldwide.

The Devcon adhesive range has been designed to provide a high strength reliable bonding solution to suit most applications:

  • Offer a wide range of working and fixture times to suit different applications
  • Offer enhanced productivity
  • Simplify the production process
  • Provide easily applied products with minimal of training
Methacrylate Adhesives

Methacrylate adhesives provide tough flexible bonds for today’s hard-to-bond plastics, composites, exotic metals and dissimilar substrates. These adhesives can generally be used without surface preparation.

Devcon Devweld 531 Devcon Devweld 530

2 Component Epoxy Adhesives Systems

Devcon advanced epoxy adhesives are used for structural bonding, potting and encapsulating and come in a variety of cure times and package sizes.

Devcon 5 Minute® Epoxy Devcon 2 Ton® Epoxy Devcon 1 Minute Epoxy Gel

Adhesive System Accessories

Devcon adhesive bonding system accessories are designed to compliment the Devcon product range by providing improved surface conditioning, preparation of difficult substrates or in adverse conditions to provide even more efficient or increased performance.

Dispensing Equipment

Devcon provide a range of application guns and static mixing nozzles for dispensing and mixing which eliminate pre-mixing and greatly reduce waste, speed up application, guarantee correct ratios and dramatically reduce clean up – collectively these can also significantly reduce your overall production or maintenance costs.

Mixers Dispensing Guns

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